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The Citizen Clinic is a public interest cybersecurity clinic at the University of California, Berkeley. We support the capacity of politically targeted organizations to defend themselves against online threats. Building off the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity’s research on the ecosystem of organizations providing technical assistance to civil society, the clinic supports multidisciplinary teams of students to assess threats to targeted organizations, recommend risk-appropriate mitigations, and work collaboratively with clients to implement new policies and technical controls that enhance their cybersecurity.
For organizations seeking more information about Citizen Clinic, please visit https://cltc.berkeley.edu/about-us/citizen-clinic/.

The Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center

The Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center is designed to share basic cybersecurity resources for civil society organizations, and to inform other academic institutions that may be interested in adopting the clinic model.
Visit this page to read case studies about our recent work.


Interested in setting up a cybersecurity clinic? View current and past Citizen Clinic syllabi and reading lists, case studies, in-class activities, and work assignments.


Setting up the technology infrastructure for your own program? Check out our primers and policies for setting up virtual profiles, virtual private networks, and phishing simulators.
All organizations need a basic level of cybersecurity, so whether or not you think you are at risk of a cyberattack, we encourage you to read our Baseline Organizational Security Guide.
Comments or Ideas? Submit an issue or email us at [email protected].
Citizen Clinic is a program of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. Learn more at https://cltc.berkeley.edu/.
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