PESTLE M Worksheet

Status: Last updated 4/20/20

**See **Contextual Assessment Information Requirements for example questions.

Internal Factors (ie. within the org’s control, how the org functions)

External Factors beyond the org’s control but within an org’s possible influence

External Factors outside of org’s influence but will impact the org


(Ex: government type and stability, freedom of press, rule of law, levels of bureaucracy & corruption, social and employment legislation, tax policy and trade & tariff controls, likely changes in the political environment)


(Ex: stage of business cycle, current & projected economic growth, e.g. GDP / GNP growth inflation & interest rates, unemployment and labor supply, labor costs, levels of disposable income & income distribution, likely impact of technological or other change on the economy)


(Ex: population health, education & social mobility, and attitudes to these population employment patterns, job market freedom & attitudes to work, press attitudes, public opinion, social attitudes & social taboos , lifestyle choices and attitudes to these socio-cultural changes health consciousness)


(Ex: impact of emerging technologies, impact of internet, reduction in communication costs & increased remote working, research & development (R&D) activity, impact of technology transfer, degree of automation, rate of technological change)


(Ex: antitrust law, consumer law, discrimination law, employment law, health & safety laws)


(Ex: weather, natural disasters, climate, climate change, environmental taxes, demand for "green" products)


(Ex: military equipment, personnel, operations or other presence in the area, foreign armies, paramilitaries, war, internal may be associations with military members, attitudes)

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